Intelligent Water immersion retort

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Performance features:

1. Preheat sterilizing water in the upper tank to improve production efficiency.
2. The sterilizing water can be recycled to the upper tank to save water vapor energy.
3.Heat with water-vapor mixer for high steam utilization rate and low noise.
4. The new liquid flow switching device makes the sterilizing water flow in a multi-directional circulate, to improve the uniformity of heat distribution in the retort.
5. The door is equipped with a triple Interlock and a glass perspective device to ensure 100% safe operation.
6. It has the function of remote housekeeping, realizes zero-distance cloud service, is equipped with F0 monitoring device, and can automatically correct deviation according to the setting F0 (sterilization intensity) every time, to prevent insufficient sterilization.

Scope of application

1. Plastic container: PP bottle, HDPE bottle.
2. Soft bag packaging: aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, vacuum bag, high temperature retort bag, etc.
3. Glass container: not recommended.

This kind of Retort Autoclave has three models:
1. Stable Retort autoclave
2. Rotary retort autoclave
3. Institute Lab test retort autoclave

You can choose your model you prefer as per your demand.
We also can customize the retort machine according to your requirement or your drawing.

Characteristics for Retort Autoclave

1. Small size, very suitable for small output factory, save space;
2. Equipped with electric heating system, no need to install any boiler, less pollution and very convenient to use;
3. Uniform temperature distribution, no blind angle;
4. Saving energy, time, and labor

Equipment Characteristics

The sterilizing water is preheated, and the sterilization temperature starts at a high point, which shortens the sterilization time and protects the product quality
The hot water after the sterilization is recycled to the upper tank to save steam, energy consumption and sterilization time
For flexible packaging products, especially large-head packaging, the heat penetration rate is fast and the sterilization effect is good
PLC computer control, sterilization to achieve standardization it can be equipped with a FO value control system to make sterilization more scientific
The heat distribution is uniform, and the product quality is easily controlled

Main Feature

1. Uniform temperature distribution:In the process of heating and sterilization, the water is continuously sprayed from nozzles adopted high speed spraying.
2. Direct heating and indirect cooling, and prevent the second pollution. Sterilizing and cooling processes use the same water. Circulating water is directly heated by steam diffusion tube in the heating process.
3.Full-automatic control system
a.Simens touch screen
b.No-paper recorder
c.Imported automatic valves


1. Electric automatic control system: automatic control in temperature, pressure automatic and sterilizing time.
2. Safe operation: electric and mechanical double interlock protection system for safe information
3. Over pressure protection :electric and mechanical double over pressure system for safe operation.
4. Over temperature protection: electric over temperature protection system.
5. Equalized heat distribution: the temperature inside the sterilizer is equalized distribution, which means the temperature
difference is less than 0.5 ℃.
6. Temperature difference adjustment: electric type
7. Humanization design and long lifespan material: stainless steel material, high intelligent automatic control system.




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