DZ600/2S automatic vacuum packaging machine

Short Description:

This model is the company’s standard product, made of all stainless steel, resistant to harsh environments, long-term continuous use, and high stability. It is currently the leading domestic model. It is suitable for meat, pickled products, aquatic products, seafood, vegetables, and agricultural products, preserved fruits, grains, soy products, medicinal materials, electrical appliances, etc.

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Equipment Introduction:

Vacuum packaging is to evacuate the vacuum packaging bag, and then seal it to form a certain degree of vacuum in the bag, so that the packaged items can achieve the purpose of oxygen insulation, freshness, moisture, mildew, rust, insect, and pollution prevention. Effectively extend its shelf life and facilitate storage and transportation.

This series of vacuum packaging machine is featured by automatically process of vacuuming,sealing,cooling and exhaust ,which is used in vacuum packaging for the food,pharmaceutical,aquatic,chemical and electronic industries.It can prevent the products from oxidization and mildew,as well as corrosion and moisture,keeping the quality and freshness of the product over a prolonged storage time. it has high capacity and easy to operate, an essential equipment in food processing line and other factory.


The vacuum packaging machines produced by our company have the function of vacuum packaging, suitable for various plastic composite film bags or aluminum foil composite film bags, for roast chicken, roast duck, beef and mutton, donkey meat, sausage, ham and other meat products and aquatic products. , Pickles products, soy products, various additives, yeast, feed, preserved fruits, grains, medicinal materials, tea, rare metals, chemical products, etc. vacuum packaging.


Working principle

Vacuum packaging machine, just need to press the vacuum cover complete after vacuum, sealing, cooling and exhaust in terms of the process.
The vacuum packaging or vacuum gas items can prevent oxidation , mildew and bug eat bymoth,damp,extended product storage period.

Technical data:

Model No. DZ600/2S
Power 380V/50HZ
Average power consumption 2.2kw
Vacuum chamber size 700*610*130mm
Sealing effective size 600*10mm/2pieces
Heater number 2*2
Dimension 1400*720*930mm
Packing speed 120-200 times/hour
The sealing line spacing 490mm
pump down time 1~99s
Heat sealing time 0~9.9s
vacuum degree ≤200pa

mainly configuration

NO. Name Material Brand Remarks
1 up chamber 4mm SUS304 INCHOI high strength, reliable
2 down working platform 4mmSUS304 INCHOI weld assembly
3 back plate SUS304 INCHOI
4 main body SUS304 INCHOI
5 principal axis SUS304 INCHOI
6 connecting rod molding SUS304 INCHOI
7 bearing pedestal molding SUS304 INCHOI

Electrical configuration

NO. name quantity brand remarks
1 vacuum pump 2 NAN TONG 20m³/h
2 transformer 2 XINYUAN
3 contactor 2 CHNT
4 Thermal overload protector 1 CHNT
5 time relay 3 CHNT

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