Automatic rotary retort

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Suitable for canned soups with higher viscosity. During sterilization, the cans are rotated 360 degree along with the rotation of the rotating body so that the contents move slowly for faster heat penetration, uniform heating and cooling and the purpose of no layered and no precipitation. Variable frequency speed control makes the equipment available for different viscous products.

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The rotary retorts are used to turn the cans or other containers during sterilization and cooling. The purpose is to move the food contents in order to accelerate the heat transfer inside the can, improve the quality and prevent any possible negative effect associated to the static heating processes.

The thermal process and finished product quality can be greatly enhanced for some containers and products by moving the containers during the cook / cool cycle. Movement or agitation of the containers forces convection heating of the product inside the container.

The sterilization temperature (sterilization value or FO) is defined by the manufacturer and will depend on the initial contamination of the product and its bacteriological characteristics.

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