Root leafy vegetable two in one air bubble washing,dehydrating processing line

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The whole production line is made of SUS304 stainless steel and conforms to the food safety standard. Using high pressure bubble cleaning, material will occur irregular strong overturning movement when air bubble is released in the water to make churning effect . Effectively separate the surface impurities, and avoid the damage of touching, knocking, scratching and other damage to the material. Suitable for vegetable processing factory, large central kitchen, large supermarket distribution center.

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The washing machine adapts water bath type air bubble washing, the washing effect through the air bubble release in the water let the material do irregular strong turnover movement, via the movement of the material can efficiently separate the surface adhesive impurity, simulating manual basic washing action at the same time because the turnover movement in the air-water  mixture can efficiently avoid the touch, crash and scratch damage to the material, improving working efficiency, changing manual work into mechanized processing.

Suitable for fresh fruit, vegetable and mushroom. This washing machine add spray washing function in the convey process to let the material go through with the spray wash after the air-water mixture cleaning process, the function this process is replacing the dirty water on the material surface to improve the washing effect. At the same time the new adding spray water will flow into the water tank after washing the the material to replace the dirty water in the washing tank so that can maintain the cleanness of the washing water which both improve the use ratio of water and add the cleaning effect.


Technical Parameters




4000*800mm (Inner width)



Water consumption



SUS304 stainless steel

Mesh belt

SUS304 stainless steel


0.75kw/set 1set

Water pump

2.2kw/set 1set

Air pump

 2.2kw/set 1set


dehydrating processing line

The use of Microcomputer PLC control, the whole process of control feeding-drying-braking-discharge, complete automation. Feeder upper feeding, lower discharge, can be connected to the assembly line to complete the production of water, the drying speed according to the product different frequency conversion adjustable, speed from 200 rpm to 1000 rpm to set freely; the motor and the spindle using direct-attached sealing connection, stable operation, no leakage, no dust, in line with export hygiene requirements, Each time the feed is 50-80kg, the cycle runs once adjustable, unlimited cycle operation, drying evenly, yield according to the product different 2-3t/hours.

 Note: Can be tailored according to customer production requirements.

Technical Parameters




Food grade 304 stainless steel

Physical size



304 stainless Mesh belt

Hoist speed







Remove surface water

Remove mode



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