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◆The equipment are SUS304 stainless steel. conform with GMP/HACCP certificate requirement.
◆Designed with water spray&heating&dry system to achieve the ideal cleaning effect.
◆The temperature is adjustable and automatically controlled.
◆Unique damper design can meet the requirements for cleaning of different sizes of baskets in one equipment.
◆Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, reduce labor force, improve production efficiency and long service life.
◆The surface can be air-dried and baking dried.

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The new basket washer independently developed and manufactured by our company has been well re-ceived by both old and new customers since its launch in the market.This product has been exported to more than ten countries with good performance and higher efficiency.Become the indispensable new assistant in the food processing manufacture link.


Brief description:

1.The conveying part of the machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, acid-proof, stable operation, long service life, no secondary pollution. .
2. The driving part adopts electronic speed regulating motor, the running speed is adjustable by frequency conversion.
3.Four cleaning, water can be recycled, save energy and water.Each section is equipped with a multi-layer filter to prevent nozzle blockage.With automatic water control device, in case the water pump is damaged due to lack of water.
4.The whole machine adopts high quality stainless steel profiles.
5. The turnover basket achieves the effective cleaning effect, reduces the labor cost, reduces the labor in-tensity, the technical department performance is stable, the efficiency is high.

Applicable Scope:


Crate Washer is used for the clean and sterilization of revolving basket,dishes ,egg trays ,mold etc.After cleaning the container has a number of colonies in line with the nation food safety requirements.Whole machine adopts famous components,moisture-proof ,water-proof.It can be directly for washing ,and it has low failure rate,stable performance.Turnover box washer can replace traditional artificial cleaning,meet the requirements of cleaning a lot of turnover basket in food enterprises.Widely used in meat industry,baking industry,fast-food industry,aquaculture industry fruit and vegetable industry and other industries.

How the machine work

Four-stage cleaning mode is adopted,
The first stage is high-flow cleaning, which simulates the soaking method in the traditional cleaning process.The attachment on the surface of the turnover box is foamed and softened, which is more favorable for subsequent cleaning;

The second stage is high-pressure washing, which flushes the adhesion material off the surface of the revolving basket by high-pressure to realize the purpose of cleaning the stains.

The third stage is rinsing with clean water, and rinsing the surface of the revolving basket with clean circulating water. Because the water in the first two tanks will become dirty after being recycled, the remaining cleaning liquid in the first two stages will be rinsed with clean water

The fourth stage is cleaning, and then rinsing thoroughly with clean water to make the surface of the box clean without residue.

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