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It is suitable for cleaning of surface oil stains after packaging of bagged food in the food industry or after high and low temperature sterilization, so that the surface of bagged products is clean and bright.

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Washing machine Dryer use: The machine has three equipment components

Drum washing machine — vibrating screen — air dry line/steam baking line composition, the bag through a roughly washing tank, then directly into the drum, the first half of the lotion cleaning, the use of circulating water pump, steam heating system, frequency control, automatic temperature control, after cleaning Into the water spray area, clean directly into the vibrating screen, the vibrating screen will be most of the water droplets shaken off into the air-conditioning line, air-dried after the direct packing can be.

Technical parameters:

Model SYXD-5000 SYXD-6000
Power 5.5kw/380v 7.5KW/380v
Overall dimensions 5000*1200*1800mm 6000*1500*1800MM
Weight 1200kg 1500kg
Bag packing soft soft

Applicable Scope:

Applicable Scope

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