DZ-1000 continuous vacuum packaging machine

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The independent waterproof design of the electrical control box ensures the safety of use and is more convenient to operate. The gas circuit and electrical control components are reliable. The overall structure is made of high-quality stainless steel materials to ensure the durable use of the machine in various working environments. .

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Product Introduction

Continuous vacuum packaging machine is composed of upper cover (vacuum chamber), working platform (transmission belt), frame and transmission, electrical appliances, vacuum system and other parts. The vacuum pump is installed outside the machine, and the transmission system and electrical system are inside the boxes on both sides of the machine.

The upper cover of the vacuum chamber of the continuous vacuum packaging machine is an automatic swing cover type, which is different from the left and right automatic swing cover of the double-chamber vacuum packaging machine. Both feeding and feeding are driven by a motor, which can ensure the synchronization and accuracy of the transmission. At the same time, this can also reduce electrical control, make machine operation easier, and greatly reduce the failure rate.

Although the rolling vacuum packaging machine has only one vacuum chamber, the sealing size is 1000mm. The vacuum chamber has a large space and can place multiple products at one time. If the length of your packaging bag does not exceed 550mm after the product is packed, it can be packaged. Yes, we can also customize different models such as single-seal rolling vacuum packaging machine and double-seal rolling vacuum packaging machine according to the size of the product. The double-seal type rolling vacuum packaging machine, so that two rows of products can be placed at one time, and the production efficiency becomes twice that of the single-seal rolling vacuum packaging machine.

The control program of this machine has a memory function. If there is a program that has not been executed before the last shutdown, it may cause the upper working room to move upward, so it can be idling 3-6 times before packaging.

Automatic Vacuum Packing Sealing Machine For Food Fruits Vegetables Sea Food is widely used in various types of food, hardware, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, aquatic products, electronic components industries, various forms of products (solid, liquid, powder, paste) in vacuum-packed. It can protect product from oxidation or spoilage caused by bacterial growth, thus to prolong its shelf-life and storage time.

Main Features

1.All stainless steel exterior and meet the health standards.
2.Chinese & English touch screen display, intuitive and simple operation.
3.Sealing can be printed at the same time on the date, lot number.
4.Can follow the requirements of the installation of the inflatable device.
5.Pecial size can be customized.
6.Work environment quiet, low noise, saving energy.


1.It is featured by automatic processing of vacuuming, sealing, printing, cooling;
2.Digital vacuum degree display panel;
3.Vacuum degree and seal temperature can be adjusted;
4.It is specially designed with arch design;
5.Wearable silicon sealing wire with long-time using;
6.High vacuum degree with perfect quality.

Application field

1:Machine made of stainless steel, suitable for meat, Sausages, seafood,wild vegetables vacuum-packed products can be configured external large pump!
2:The machine automatically swing lid, large packaging capacity,configuration, Germany imported 160 pumps, high vacuum, long service life. Domestic pump 160 can also be configured.
3:This machine is particularly suitable for packaging articles. For example: chunks of beef, beef long, eel, chili, clothing, bedding, etc.

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