Automatic continuous modified atmosphere packaging machine

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Equipment Introduction

This machine is suitable for box packaging of all kinds of foods, continuous and automatic vacuum and automatic mixing of fresh-keeping gas (usually a mixed gas of CO2, N2, and O2), sealing packaging, slitting, and discharging of packaged products (assembly line: connectable to metal detection, Weighing and labeling system).

Technical Parameters

Model YC-1000
Maximum box size (4 boxes each time) custom made
Maximum width of roll film (mm) custom made
Maximum diameter of roll film (mm) 200
packaging speed box/h 1000-1400
power supply 380V/50HZ
Working voltage (Mpa) 0.6-0.8
Total power KW 7.5
Vacuum pump pumping rate (m3/h) 100
Vacuum pump motor power (KW) 2.2
Vacuum configuration Germany Busch R5-100
Gas replacement rate ≥99%
Gas distribution accuracy ≤1%
Residual oxygen rate ≤1%
Machine weight (kg) 1200
Dimensions (mm) 3500×1100×1860

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