The Bastón French fries quick-frozen production line was completed and the test machine was completed

The 500Kg fluidized French fries quick-frozen production line customized by our company for a Peruvian customer has been manufactured within the contract period and the test machine has been completed.

This production line can realize the output of 500kg of quick-frozen French fries per hour. The whole production line is composed of conveying equipment, cooling equipment and single freezing machine. Finally, the conveying equipment is connected to the customer’s packaging machine to realize the purpose of automatic quick-frozen packaging of quick-frozen French fries as a whole. The whole production line is designed, manufactured by our company, and cooperates with customers to complete the final installation.

The fluidized single-freezing machine used by our company is suitable for the quick-freezing of light-weight food. It is equipped with a vibrating conveying device to prevent the product from sticking during the quick-freezing process. The equipment has high quick-freezing efficiency and is equipped with an advanced PLC operating system, which can be set up for equipment and easy to operate.

The production line meets the requirements of the customer’s workshop space, saves the workshop space for the customer, realizes fully automatic production, saves labor costs, and ensures the quick-freezing effect of the product.

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Post time: Dec-07-2022