MiningMetals Uzbekistan 2022

Our company has participated in the 16th International Exhibition on Mining, Metallurgy and Metalworking – MiningMetals Uzbekistan 2022

From November 3rd to 5th, 2021, our company participated in the 2021 China Shandong Export Commodities (Uzbekistan) Exhibition located at Itec Exhibitions (Anhor Park Lokomotiv, Labzad Avenue 12/1) and was a complete success. At the exhibition, customers showed great interest in our products and praised the design and sense of science and technology of our products.

There are many local distributors and powerful manufacturers participating in the exhibition. Our company seizes the opportunity to introduce our main products-quick freezing equipment, frying production line, sterilization pot, stretch film packaging machine and vacuum fryer, etc., to new customers. Corporate culture, to promote the popularity of our brand, and to keep abreast of the local market conditions, needs, etc.

Through this exhibition, our company found that the local food industry has great development potential and broad market prospects. In the exhibition, our company promoted the corporate culture and introduced our products intuitively. Through the exhibition, I also learned about the latest developments in the market, communicated with customers on technical concepts, tapped potential customers, and increased the market share of our equipment.

The products exhibited in this time are all series of new products that the company withdrew in the first half of the year, which not only enriches the existing product chain, but also greatly enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of the products. The products are novel, full of sense of science and technology, and exquisite craftsmanship. Unanimous recognition and praise from exhibiting customers.

The exhibition platform brought together various production companies from all over the country, reflecting the rapid development of my country’s manufacturing industry. Our INCHOI Machinery will continue to improve its product quality and after-sales service in the future based on the principle of sustainable development.

Through this exhibition, our company has gained a lot. We will continue to work hard to let more people know our brand INCHOI and provide customers with higher-quality equipment.


Post time: Nov-24-2021