INCHOI new research and development Ultra-High-Speed Freezing Sleep(DOMIN)Machine

On March 10, 2022, the factory completed the manufacture of the freezer for a Japan customer. INCHOI Machinery is committed to the most advanced quick-action technology. DOMIN technology is a high-speed freezing technology using liquid as the medium. This technique keeps intracellular ice crystals below 5 microns in diameter. The freezing and sleeping technology have the characteristics of fast freezing speed, no damage to the cell membrane and cell wall during the freezing process, and the original state of the cells can be restored after thawing. The freezing speed of DOMIN technology is 20 times that of general air freezing technology. Because the cell ice crystals are small and the thawing time is short, there is basically no blood and water leakage after thawing, no nutrient loss, and no environmental pollution.
Under normal atmospheric pressure, the volume of water freezing from liquid to solid will gradually expand. Ice crystals generally expand by more than 20 microns or even up to 100 microns. The increase in ice crystal volume will break the cell wall.

And DOMIN, because of the use of liquid rapid freezing, the speed of freezing sleep cooling is much faster than the speed of ice crystal formation, and it can quickly cross the temperature zone (-5~-1 °C) where the largest ice crystal is formed and will not allow water molecules to condense. It has the function of maintaining fine ice crystals. The diameter of the ice crystals in the cells of the frozen organism can be kept below 5 microns, and the phenomenon of breaking the cell membrane and wall will not occur. DOMIN has broken through the major technical difficulties in the freezing process, so it is a revolutionary freezing technology.

The previous freezing technology only has the function of freezing and does not take into account the original flavor of food such as color, aroma, and taste. The freezing and cooling speed is slow, and the formation of large ice crystals will destroy the cell structure, thus causing the food to lose its original flavor and freshness.

In contrast, food DOMIN technology, because the cell tissue is not destroyed, the color and flavor will not change, and the original freshness can be restored after thawing. Under the freezing state, nutrients, and delicious ingredients such as amino acids and vitamins can be locked in the cells. Therefore, the color, aroma, taste, and texture after cooking are no different from those of fresh food. Raw food is like freshly harvested and fished; cooked food can be stored in its original flavor without artificial coloring or any addition of antioxidants, and the shelf life under refrigeration is more than 10 times longer than that in traditional freezing.

Compared with the traditional quick-freezing machine, INCHOI Machinery’s DOMIN freezing machine has the same production capacity, lower manufacturing cost, better quick-freezing effect and shorter quick-freezing time. It can well protect the nutritional content of the food itself.

Post time: Jun-06-2022