Basket washing machine delivery

Our customized basket washing machine, after completing the manufacturing and experimentation, shipped today, February 21, 2022
Food basket washer is suitable for cleaning the transfer box / basket of meat,.
The machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, Selects the stainless-steel heat pumps.
It can replace the traditional man-powered cleaning and meet the requirements of different food enterprises to clean turnover box or basket. Its operation is reliable and stable, easy to install and repair, and has the characteristics of high production efficiency, good cleaning effect, low energy consumption, long service life and so on. In addition, according to the different requirements the machine can be produced of different specifications of the turnover box (plate) cleaning machine. The heating type can be stem heating or electric heating according to the customer convince。
High-temperature sterilization cleans baskets and containers in various industries, making the containers look new, without detergents, without emission troubles, and without pollution to the environment. Optional high-efficiency air-drying and drying system, according to different needs of customers, so that the cleaned container can achieve a moisture removal effect of more than 90%.
Can be applied to [catering industry] (convenience store fresh food factory, chain catering central kitchen, aviation central kitchen, railway central kitchen, group meal central kitchen, prefabricated food central kitchen, frozen food industry, ingredient supply chain industry, soy product industry) , [meat industry] (slaughtering, soy sauce, modified atmosphere leisure), [baking industry] (baking factory, frozen dough factory, pastry factory, egg product factory, candy industry), [clean vegetable industry] (clean vegetable, fresh fruit cutting , fruit sorting, agricultural picking), aquatic products industry (aquaculture rough processing, aquatic product finishing), [logistics industry] (cold chain distribution center) and other industries container sterilization cleaning solutions.
INCHOI Longrise aims to provide equipment that meets the needs of customers, according to the needs of customers, it is intimately customized for customers, using the best materials to manufacture the most efficient equipment, at reasonable prices and cost-effective.


Post time: Feb-21-2022