2021 China commodity fair (Russia) – National Chinese Trade Fair for Quality Consumer Goods

The 2021 China Commodity Fair-Russia Exhibition has been held in Moscow, the capital. This exhibition is our company’s first participation in an exhibition in Russia. The main products displayed are quick-freezing machines, frying production lines, sterilization retort, and thermoforming packing machine, vacuum frying machine and other equipment. Through this exhibition, the main features of our company’s products were shown to local distributors and users in Russia. Colleagues collected information on potential customers through on-site exchanges and further understood the local market in Russia.

There are many local distributors and powerful manufacturers in the exhibition. Our company seized the opportunity of this exhibition to introduce the characteristics of our company’s main products to new and old customers and explain our company’s features to new and old customers. The corporate culture has improved the visibility of our brand locally, and through the opportunity of this exhibition, we can learn about the local market situation and actual demand in time.

Through this exhibition, we found that the demand for local food machinery is huge and there is a good potential market. At the exhibition, we have made many potential customers and left contact information with each other so that we can continue to communicate in the future, and eventually we can Reaching a consensus on cooperation, our company is looking forward to increasing the market share of our brand in the Russian market in the near future, providing local food manufacturers with high-quality, high-quality, long-life, and competitively priced products, and gradually improving After-sales service in the Russian market.

Our company’s participation in this exhibition aims to broaden our horizons, open ideas, learn advanced, and exchange contracts. We will make full use of the opportunities of this exhibition to communicate, communicate and negotiate with customers and distributors who come to visit, which further enhances the company. The brand, popularity, and influence of the company, as well as further understanding of the product characteristics of advanced companies in the same industry, in order to better improve its product structure and give full play to its own advantages.

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Post time: Nov-24-2021